“Derek’s knowledge and expertise helped me to compete during my professional tennis career at my highest potential.”

“Derek and I worked together when he was in Canada promoting his book, The Body Noble. Derek is very inspirational and motivating. The camera loves him! His expert knowledge of fitness and nutrition make Derek a much sought-after speaker and guest for TV appearances.”

“Derek’s program, which covers everything from fitness and stretching to nutrition, is innovative and unique. I have been searching for a program that encompasses everything that I need, and with The Body Noble, I have finally found it. I recommend this program to anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time but still wants to look and feel great.”

Derek is a very talented professional who is a great on-camera host and artist. He is an excellent communicator, who is an expert in fitness and training. He is great to work with and comes up with creative ideas, is inventive and innovative. I would recommend him as a trustworthy and savvy businessman who is focused and also a very warm, nice person. Derek is a winner in many areas! Highly recommended.

“We hired Derek to bring a new level of education and understanding to a product category that we were selling. The Aquatic Fitness System is a comprehensive underwater gym that allows the user to exercise in an aquatic environment free from joint stress and boredom. Derek’s comprehension of physical fitness at all levels, whether in the water or out, combined with his passion for helping people to reach their maximum potential makes him a valued asset to our company. Derek helped to develop a strong story for the sales staff to take to market. Great job Derek and thank you for all your help!”

“I have had the opportunity to personally work with Celebrity Fitness Lifestyle Guru Derek Duke Noble in the television industry for over 10 years. He was a successful television host at ChumCity and then he moved on to produce and host an internationally distributed fitness television series called Urban Fitness TV. Noble’s on air charisma and knowledge has inspired millions of people to look at fitness as a new hip way to get fit and sexy in a busy urban city environment. Derek is very passionate and committed to helping people get into the best shape of their lives, as well as follow their life path.”