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Evolve and transform your being with SONIC LIFE’s whole body sound frequency vibration technology. Choose from three models: Sonic Personal, Sonic Pulsation and Sonic Professional.

Whether for home or professional use, the modern and simple compact design of this vertical vibration machine generates precise infrasound sonic waves. Convenient to use for mobility and installation. A maximized magnetic circuit system of kinetic energy that is environmentally conscious in its energy consumption. Link your smartphone for a NOBLE FIT workout and feel the Sound and Sonic Waves.

Stay healthy and active with a NOBLE SONIX lifestyle using the SONIC LIFE whole body vibration machines. Maximize the effects of your workout by using this fascinating method! Stimulate and produce powerful muscle fibers for extra power in performance. Detoxify, increase blood circulation and skin elasticity, while strengthening collagen to fight against cellulite. Reduce your body fat as you tighten and tone muscles with faster recovery time!
Unlock your mental and physical fitness potential, heighten your senses while experiencing positive energy and encouraging cellular harmony at your core. #cellularfitness

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