Vibrate and detox on a cellular fitness level. Enrich your systems with oxygen and nutrients from inside out with NOBLE SONIX. Reduce cellulite and detoxify without exerting the traditional forms of exercise with the NOBLE SONIX program and the SONIC LIFE Machine for a sweat free workout. Utilizing the fusion of isometric toning and yoga centric exercises to stimulate problematic and dormant areas throughout your body. Improve your circulation, reduce fat cells, restore energy and vitality in less time. Experience the new evolution of cellular fitness while training smarter, not harder.

1 HOUR WORKOUT includes:

  • WARM UP: Breath and Activate into the sonic cellular vibration
  • SIGNATURE: Isometrically tone and stimulate your cells, core and thighs
  • COOL DOWN: Heal and Relax your body

NOBLE SONIX exercises accelerate blood circulation and lymph drainage, strengthens collagen and stimulates muscle fiber ultimately helping in the fight against cellulite.
Whole body vibration exercise prompts intestinal movement and improves the overall function of the intestinal tract. WBV also reduces excessive body fat by increasing the vibrational recruitment of body fat during exercise and maintains the elasticity of the skin by enhancing the function of the connective tissues and the bodies circulatory system.