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Learn how to take your fitness to the next level with the healing properties of water in a perfect pool replacement for a low impact and high resistance workout. Whether as a mini pool for your family or as a space for underwater fitness or relaxation, AquaFIT Systems has the right swim spa for you!

The AquaFit System by Dimension One Spas is more than just a swim spa– it’s a complete underwater gym! Use it as an endless lap swimming pool or to walk, run, stretch, row and strength train. The AquaFit System provides the best hydrotherapy and underwater fitness available on the market today. Low-impact exercises strengthen your body while you’re suspended in the weightlessness of water while powerful swim jets offer a challenging workout. Whether you’re exercising, training, teaching your kids how to swim, or relaxing, the AquaFit System fits all your aquatic needs. Choose from the AquaFIT Sport, Play, Pro and Plus…

SPORT – The unique layout combines powerful swim jets with cross-training functionality for a fun and versatile workout! It was also the first swim spa to incorporate the best water management in the industry, giving you clean, sparkling water every day.

PLAY – Swim spa is equipped with 6 high-volume swim jets, adjustable for speed and pressure, a wide swim lane, a max therapy seat for an after-play massage, plus clean, pure water with D1’s UltraPure system. Choose an optional stereo and lighting package for the ultimate play experience!

PRO – Experience the most versatile workout and cool down with resistance strength training, powerful swim spa jets, and a max therapy seat equipped with the ultra-relaxing Jet Therapy® pillow. Enjoy all these features in crystal clean water with D1’s patented, oxygen-based cleansing system.

PLUS – Enjoy the ultimate hybrid of fitness and fun. Stay at peak performance temperature during your low-impact workout, while the spa side heats up for a soothing, post-exercise soak. Make the most of your backyard in the largest, most dynamic swim spa available.

AquaFIT Systems
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