Derek Duke Noble is currently a Wellness Executive and Personal Transformation Coach, considered Hollywood’s Coolest Trainer in the fitness and wellness industry. A dynamic and inspirational trainer and massage therapist in his early career, Derek is widely regarded today for the skills and creativity he displays in his executively created and produced series, Urban Fitness TV. He exemplifies living a spiritual, well-balanced and holistic noble lifestyle, encouraging others to embrace a myriad of approaches for achieving their optimum well-being. As an energetic and intuitive guide, he is committed to sharing his knowledge and passion with the public: one-on-one, online, on television, on air, in print and in person at one of his luxurious Noble Enlightenment Retreats.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Derek is the son of professional wrestler and body builder, “The Magnificent Duke Noble.” (more)

The Noble Philosophy that has served Derek Duke Noble as a Wellness Executive and Company Spokesperson throughout his 25 year fitness and wellness career is: to partner with forward-thinking health and wellness companies, innovative brands, cutting-edge products, while creating and integrating captivating “Edu-tainment” programs and marketing strategies while growing global revenue, impacting and transforming communities worldwide.

Derek Duke Noble “The Duke of Wellness” celebrates the pursuit of fitness, wellness and healing. Duke’s disciplines will inspire and motivate you to achieve your personal health and fitness goals while improving your lifestyle and well-being.

Noble’s rigorous training and over 20 years of experience is perfectly designed for guiding your specific needs with his unique NOBLE METHOD of training. His programs are customized for a fast and effective transformative experience for you and you alone.

Continually pioneering innovative fitness, aquatic workouts, wellness and healing modalities, as well as online programs and holistic healing therapies so that you will enjoy everlasting results. Expect an enhanced body, mind and spirit connection on your personal journey of looking and feeling your possible best.

The restorative body transformation and cutting edge technology of the NOBLE METHOD consists of the sophisticated system that offers a return to the Elements. Signature programs (Aqua Noble, Noble Sonix, Noble Power Yoga and Noble Wellness) designed by Noble offer a holistic approach to intellectual fitness, wellness and healing for proven, fast and effective results. Rebalance and connect to your whole self. Book Private or Semi-Private with Derek and his team.

Transform your body with the world’s first underwater AQUA NOBLE workout.

Awaken the FIRE within you! Experience the discipline of the athletic-based NOBLE POWER YOGA program.

The NOBLE SONIX program utilizes the most powerful and effective whole body sound frequency vibration technology. Learn the secrets behind how the elite, royal family members, celebrities and holistic experts raise their vibration, transform themselves and achieve the ultimate well-being!

Ground yourself with noble body training and healing techniques that transform and heal your body!

Along with the Noble Elements of Wellness, Noble has partnered his signature Programs with some of the most cutting-edge fitness and wellness companies in the industry. He is excited to introduce these distinctive products: AQUAFIT SYSTEMS, AQUALOGIX and SONIC LIFE to assist you with your own personal transformation.

Begin your AQUA NOBLE Program by turning your backyard into a personal aqua wellness center with any one of Dimension One’s unique AQUAFIT swim spas. Use omni resistance technology to create your own underwater gym with the AQUALOGIX equipment!

Change your energetic frequency with the NOBLE SONIX Program while raising your whole body vibration in a 10 minute cellular fitness detox workout — results from the inside out with the SONIC LIFE Sound frequency machine. #TrainSmarterNotHarder

Learn how to take your fitness to the next level with the healing properties of water in a perfect pool replacement for a low impact and high resistance workout. Whether as a mini pool for your family or as a space for underwater fitness or relaxation, AquaFIT Systems has the right swim spa for you!

Revolutionary water exercise equipment for total body transformation with hydro-kinetic techniques in a fluid omni-directional drag resistance fitness system. #GetAquaFIT

Evolve and transform your being with SONIC LIFE’s whole body sound frequency vibration technology. Choose from three models: Sonic Personal, Sonic Pulsation and Sonic Professional.

It’s time to escape and treat yourself to the luxurious NOBLE ENLIGHTENMENT RETREATS. Experience the finest locations within Paradise Valley, Arizona while participating and accessing Derek Duke Noble’s signature NOBLE Elements of Wellness. His structured programs offer a balanced approach to daily holistic workouts, restoration and healing for your body, pampering world-class spa treatments, and the ultimate in Southwest cultural diversity. Retreat highlights include: daily hiking, AQUA NOBLE and NOBLE SONIX workouts, NOBLE Nutrition and Healing. Arrive and achieve results through this transformative getaway! Fit and Lifestyle and Culture and Food. #DukeofWellnessAZ

Are you physically and mentally stressed, extremely exhausted and need some rewarding down time? Preparing for a special life event? Break your routine. You deserve to honor your Self and transform your well-being. #doyourbodynoble


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Check out Derek Duke Noble in all his “Fitness Edu-tainment” facets! Noble’s media portfolio includes a wide range of roles and International Television Appearances and Campaigns, Tours, Spokesperson, Television Host, Executive Producer, Author, Radio Guest Host, Digital Media Expert and Public Speaker.

Derek’s created and produced an original hip and stylized fitness lifestyle television series that has aired and inspired millions globally. #fitgoesglam

Watch Derek inspire audiences, from Fit TV to CNN, sharing his fitness and wellness expertise to his Noble Community and Corporations.

Derek Duke Noble presents a proven, breakthrough program that works with your busy schedule to help you become sculpted, lean, and fit — without investing hours of your time each day or your hard-earned money in a gym membership or expensive home equipment.

Noble’s experience, expertise and enthusiasm has landed him the opportunity to work with some of North America’s leading fitness, wellness and nutrition companies.

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